Tronchón Town Hall

The Town Hall of Tronchón is determined by its powerful and sober volumetry. It is built on an irregular ground plan, adapted to the unevenness of the terrain, in masonry reinforced with ashlars at the corners. All of it is the result of two construction phases, consisting of a main body built towards late 15th and early 16th centuryThe building has a quadrangular floor plan and two floors, whose rooms are articulated around the stairwell, as well as a front body rectangular plan attached to the main façade that would be added during the XVI and XVII centuriesThe lower floor of which was arranged as a slicewhile the superior was organized in different rooms.

On the exterior, the simple design of the commodities exchange stands out, which opens on three sides with openings of different characteristics: a large pointed arch to the east, two semicircular arches supported on a thick central pillar to the north and a large segmental arch to the west. On the east side there is also the segmental arch that gave access, as a plaque indicates, to the “meat shop”.butcher’s shop“. Today it is the headquarters of the local cultural association.

Finishing off the whole, there is a wooden eave with corbels decorated with reliefs and the date 1606.

Inside the building, the Great Hall stands out, located on the main floor and featuring a wooden ceiling. It rests on corbels decorated with the Tronchón coat of arms and the access doors are of well carved wood.

On one side of the Town Hall is the old Bread Baking Oven. Whitewashed masonry building, with a single nave, gabled roof. The doorway shows a semicircular arch of ashlar masonry.

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