Furnace of Montoro de Mezquita

Montoro de Mezquita preserves its old communal furnace, clean and tidy. In fact, the neighbors have taken advantage of the space where they used to chew the dough to show, as an exhibition, old photographs and newspaper clippings related to the town. Also on display are several pieces that were used for the feast of San Antón, one of the most popular, and in which the Reinau de Montoro was danced.

Construction of three floors, the upper one belonging to another property. The second floor is a large nave with a large pillar in the middle that supports the roof. The lower one is the furnace itself, which is accessed by stairs. The roof is made of wooden beams that rest on the wall. The eaves, decorated with pine cones, which we can see on the exterior, have been placed in the last restoration, coming from the “Mas del Señor. It may have arrived there from the “Casa del Conde in front of the church, according to oral information from the town’s neighbors.