Organs of Montoro (mirador de los Órganos de Montoro)

The Órganos de Montoro are a geological reference in the Maestrazgo region and, due to their beauty and accessibility, are very popular throughout the autonomous community.

The Montoro Organs are a miracle of nature. They are a magnificent example of the patient erosion of water, which has capriciously taken the shape of the organ with which man has baptized it. The river runs parallel to the direction of the limestone layers and, at the end of the section, turns sharply to cross the Organs. It then leads to the beginning of a long river canyon that almost reaches the Santolea reservoir.

It is a limestone formation of almost vertical layers where, as a result of erosion, shapes reminiscent of the pipes of a musical organ have been chiseled. They reflect the evolution of the Iberian Cordillera since this area was covered by a deep sea in the Secondary era, until the last erosive retouches that continue to occur today.

In short, a beautiful place so unique that it is worth the recognition of Natural Monument.


How to get there

It is located at kilometer 25 of the A-1702 between Villarluengo and Ejulve. It is easy to access and the viewpoint is equipped with different interpretive panels, a table and benches for resting.

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Also, you should know that while reaching the Organs, you are traveling one of the most scenic roads in the Shire: The Silent Route.