Outsiders’ Balcony

It is a viewpoint located within the urban area of Villarluengo from where you can admire the cut in which the village ends, seated on a rocky mountain. To the left, below, is the junction of the rivers Cañada and Palomita, which further on, following the course of the river, flows into the Guadalope. You can see the terraces with their respective walls, which, in the past, were orchards planted and cared for. Also the path that the inhabitants took to go to the other side of the mountain.

The Balcón de los Forasteros (Outsiders’ balcony) owes its name to the fact that, in the past, in the Plaza de la Murada the release of heifers took place, and a outsider (a person who was not from the village) chased by a heifer jumped and grabbed the stones. The heifer, chasing him, jumped off the balcony below. This is the legend that gives its name to this emblematic point of Villarluengo.

In the municipality, in the so-called Era de Castillo, there is another equally spectacular viewpoint, known as Peña Capitán.