Villarluengo fountain and washes.

The Villarluengo washhouse is located in the upper part of the municipality. It is a beautiful set of fountain, washhouse and trough. The fountain is dated 1806 and water flows from it through several pipes. This one stays in the trough, one of the most beautiful in the area, which makes a kind of trough. It is covered by a porch to a water and supported by columns of work. Next to it is the laundry room. By its disposition it seems that it was added later, since it is further back, arranged in another space, also roofed to a water and supported by a thick stone column. It consists of two pools, the washing pool and the rinsing pool.

The washhouses, as well as the oven, were the places where women gathered. It was a space for hard work, but also for relaxed chatting, sharing and learning from the little ones.


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