Villarluengo Hermitages

Hermitage of San Bartolomé

It is located on a promontory next to the town. It is a rectangular building, with an atrium at the foot open on three sides by semicircular arches. It is made of masonry, with ashlar reinforcement.

The portico is of ashlar masonry, with three semicircular arches and is covered on the inside with a groin vault. The doorway of the chapel is framed by an architrave, above which there is a niche of shells between a split pediment and a ball finial. In addition, there are two small adoration windows on the sides of the façade and a one-eyed ashlar belfry over the gable at the foot of the façade.


San Cristobal Chapel

It is located one kilometer from the town, on a small hill. The building has a rectangular floor plan with an atrium at the foot, of exposed masonry and ashlar masonry in its main elements. The interior has a single nave with three bays, the chancel is covered with a half-barrel vault.

In the pilgrimage of San Marcos it is a stop for the pilgrims when they return to the village after visiting the hermitage of San Pedro de la Roqueta.


Hermitage of San Pedro de la Roqueta

It is located in the municipality of Montoro and is called the hermitage of La Roqueta because of its location on a rocky outcrop. Baroque temple of small dimensions. It is built in masonry and has a rectangular floor plan with a single nave.

The pilgrimage of the residents of Villarluengo and Montoro to the hermitage is repeated every year. Saturday closest to San Marcos, with the pilgrims dressed in their cloaks and carrying candles, it’s considered to be one of those that has best maintained the strict rituals that characterise this type of event.


Hermitage of Santa Lucía

It is located in the Enmedio Factory complex, which today is the Hostal de la Trucha. This small chapel served the entire colony of workers in the spinning mills when they were in operation. Today it is a stop of the pilgrimage of San Marcos when it goes from Villarluengo to San Pedro de la Roqueta, in Montoro de Mezquita.


Hermitage of La Magdalena

It is located in the center of the town. It is said that it was a hermitage dedicated to Santa María Magdalena, but it has had multiple uses, from school, to library and, at present, center of interpretation of the Natural Monuments.


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