Villarluengo Town Hall

It is a rectangular building, three stories high, with masonry, in some cases whitewashed, and ashlar for the most notorious elements.

The main facade presides over the Plaza Mayor. The first floor has two semicircular arches. The one on the left side gave access to the butcher’s shop. Through the right side, with large molded voussoirs, is the access to the consistory.

Above them rises the second body with linteled windows on sills also molded, on the right window is the coat of arms of the town engraved in stone. On the third floor there are two linteled openings. The building is topped by a stone and brick eave.

Inside, on the first floor, the door that gave access to the prison is preserved, and on the second floor, there is a large assembly hall. From one of the upper windows, during the feast of San Juan, the “mozos” help to hoist the “mayo” that is planted in the square by pulling on a rope.