Wildlife and Mountain Goat Center

From the Interpretation Center of Nature and the Mountain Goat of Villarluengo we will be able to know the hunting richness of the region. You can see some of the most important goat trophies obtained in the mountains of Maestrazgo. It has a diorama dedicated to the mountain goat and several panels that bring us closer to the environment of this mammal, its habits, its hunting, etc. But there is also talk of the vulture or the red rock thrush, of the groves with the otter, the kingfisher, the native crab and also of the kermes oak, gall oak and guillomo and the pine forest.

A model reconstructs one of the most characteristic ways of life and exploitation of the territory of the Maestrazgo mountains, the farmhouse. It also has two special display cases, one where tracks and traces of the fauna of the area are identified, and another with a collection of freeze-dried mushrooms of the species that can be collected in Maestrazgo. In addition, on the first floor, there is a multi-purpose room where exhibitions, conferences and other cultural events are held.