Interpretation Center of the Order of San Juan of the Hospital of Jerusalem

The location of the Interpretation Center in Villarroya is justified by the historical presence of this order in this town, having been part of the Sanjuanista Bailiwick of Aliaga. The hospitaller presence in the territory of the three Bailiwicks: Aliaga, Cantavieja and Castellote is studied. In addition to the treatment of topics related to the Order of San Juan, attention is paid to other aspects of the towns in the area, for a better knowledge of them, such as their historical and artistic heritage, popular religiosity, demography, historical vicissitudes, economy, etc.

As the interpretation center is located in Villarroya de los Pinares, part of the contents are dedicated to the study of different aspects of this town, to Francisco Peña, its most illustrious son, and to its prison, as it is located here.