Peña Villarroya de los Pinares House

The name Casa Peña comes from its first owner, Francisco Peña, who commissioned the construction without ever enjoying it, as he died before it was finished. The Peña House was built between 1610 and 1612, but even before that, Francisco Peña had been able to see the good work of the architect in the renovation of the parish church of Villarroya that he himself had commissioned and directed a few years earlier. Therefore, for the construction of his house, he again thought of the same architect who had built the altar and transept of the church, Joan Vélez Palacios.

The palace has a symmetrically distributed square floor plan, with three floors and a hipped roof. It has two facades: the south facade, which is located behind a garden, has a large doorway, a split pediment and a coat of arms. Above it is a window framed in ashlars and crowned by a pediment. The north facade is very similar. Both doors give access to a wide hallway with a lateral staircase that connects to a narrow balcony that occupies the entire upper floor. The floor is decorated with pebbles. On the north side there is a large hall with high ceilings that occupies the entire second floor on that side. The different rooms are connected by an interior staircase.

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