San Benón and Loreto de Villarroya Hermitages

Hermitage of San Benón

Work of the seventeenth century, later reformed. It is made of masonry, with a nave covered by a half barrel vault with lunettes and a transept with a dome. On the cover there is a coat of arms. The roof of the dome is made of zinc.

Next to the hermitage is the hermit’s house, now in ruins, which preserves a three-story body of limestone masonry and sandstone rodena in two colors. On the first floor there is a semicircular doorway and two lintel windows, and on the upper floor there are three coats of arms. In addition, to the northeast, there is a recent calvary.

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Loreto Hermitage

Hermitages dedicated to the Virgin of Loreto are quite common in these mountains and most of them were built in the 17th century.

The hermitage of the Virgin of Loreto of Villarroya de los Pinares has the characteristic distribution of the hermitages with this dedication. It has a rectangular floor plan with a front patio on columns that support a carved wooden eave. It has a single nave covered with a half barrel vault with lunettes.

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