Villarroya de los Pinares washhouse

The Villarroya washhouse is quite far from the village, approximately 500 meters away. The women used it regularly despite the remoteness, and occasionally washed in the streams that reach the village.

The water comes from behind the washhouse and flows directly into the pool as a fountain. It is a washhouse with a single pool divided in two by an interior wall that allows the water to pass from one to the other, so that the spring fills both parts.

The first pool was probably used for rinsing while the second was used for washing with soap. For do not excessively dirty the water with soap. of the second pool, which consists at the end of the wash basin, of a chute water resulting from the washing of the clothes, a gutter that would be used for the circulation of soapy pours into the same water outletwhich is constantly renewed thanks to the abundance of the source.

As you enter the laundry room porch, in the right-hand corner, the wall is blackened. The women took advantage of this corner to make a fire to warm themselves when it was very cold. Sometimes they left the soapy clothes on the wall at the entrance to let the sun shine on them, as it made them whiten more. Also, many of the clothes they washed were left to dry there or in the surrounding trees so that they would weigh less when they returned to the village.