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Historic sites

The Maestrazgo region has a large number of Assets of Cultural Interest. Eight of the sixteen municipalities that make up the region have the category of Historic-Artistic Ensemble.

All the villages preserve a certain medieval air, with elements of great historical and aesthetic interest. Undoubtedly, it stands out
surrounded by walls, with its five original access gates and buildings of great architectural value, creating some of the most interesting urban spaces in the region. Not in vain did it receive the Europa Nostra Award in 1983 for the conservation and restoration work carried out in this villa.

But there is more. Miravete de la Sierra, Villarroya de los Pinares, Cantavieja, La Iglesuela del Cid, Tronchón, Las Cuevas de Cañart and Castellote, all of them have this consideration because of the preservation of its medieval layout and for the a large number of items of interest that have survived to the present day: churches, hermitages, council houses, walls, gates, palaces and bridges. All these elements are what transmit the history of the locality, giving it a special importance that makes its protection necessary.

It was also declared an Asset of Cultural Interest (BIC), in the category of historical site, Camino de los Pilones which joins the towns of Villarroya de los Pinares and Allepuz. The route of the road, of medieval origin, has a length of almost six kilometers. It is characterized by being marked by large pylons, of which 113 are still preserved. These landmarks are built with masonry, stone and mortar and plaster. They are cylindrical in shape, with a larger diameter base and top. The milestones have an average height of approximately 2.50 meters and a diameter of about 0.65 meters. These pylons are located on the sides of the road at a regular distance of between 30 and 50 meters from each other.

The objective is to offer the hiker a visual link so that he does not get lost in the blizzard, snow and fog, which are frequent meteorological elements in this arid landscape with hardly any arboreal vegetation. It can be traveled by following the signs from the towns it connects.