Maestrazgo has about 400 kilometers of marked trails. Many of them link municipalities, especially those of the GR 8 and its variants, and many others go through the territory approaching you to know the rich and varied natural and cultural heritage of these lands. Short distance trails (PR) for all audiences, for occasional hikers, for families with small children, for young people who are already experienced hikers, for globetrotters and off-roaders, crossings, linear circular trails… We are sure that every visitor will find a trail tailored to his or her needs.

Maestrazgo river
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Practical advice

It is recommended to follow the itineraries as described in the description of each route.

Choose the route that best suits your physical and technical condition, as well as the age of the hiker. Previously study the technical data of the routes, length and difficulty. It is advisable to use the available cartography of the area or GPS.

Bring enough water and food. It is not advisable to drink from some of the fountains along the routes.

Remember to carry your cell phone with you at all times, with enough battery.

Avoid hot summer days and always wear sunscreen.

It respects metal gates or gates, as well as other agricultural, livestock and hunting uses, compatible with activities in Nature.

Enjoy the scenery without rushing, evaluate the points of interest and plan the route according to the travel time.

It is recommended to visit the museums and interpretation centers of all the localities to learn more about the historical, ethnological and natural heritage of Maestrazgo.

All the localities have tourist accommodations. Find out about the possibilities that exist.