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Chopo Cabecero Cultural Park of the Upper Alfambra

Allepuz, one of the municipalities of the Maestrazgo region, is part of the Parque Cultural del Poplar Cabecero, articulated by a river, the Alfambra.

The Peñarroya, in the Sierra de Gúdar, is the peak of southern Aragón. At its feet, the Alfambra is born, which to find its way to the Mediterranean Sea goes through mountains full of pine trees, soft cereal plains and the Pobo mountain range, an amazing view of infinite and beautiful moors sectioned by an imposing river canyon. Such are the landscapes of the Alto Alfambra.

Thousands of old headwater poplars accompany the river forming a winding river meadow, a unique agricultural ecosystem. Its trees, pruned for centuries, have produced beams for homes, firewood for the mountain winters and fodder for the herds. The headlands are living sculptures and the habitat of a rich biological community. But they are also the result of a popular wisdom recognized as an Intangible Cultural Asset for having generated a unique cultural landscape in Europe.

The Alto Alfambra is a mountain territory historically dedicated to extensive and transhumant livestock farming. Its former prosperity explains a beautiful heritage: manor houses, churches, hermitages and a popular architecture of strong personality that survives in houses, farmhouses and dry stone walls that furrow the fields. Mountains where you can also discover sites with dinosaur remains, the variety of natural environments and a biodiversity rich in endemic species. The popular festivities and the mountain gastronomy make up a heritage worthy of its declaration as a Cultural Park.