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Miradores of the landscape

The Maestrazgo landscape is the result of a slow and continuous process of evolution in which various natural (geology, hydrology, vegetation, etc.) and human (urbanization, agriculture, livestock, etc.) factors have intervened.

The Maestrazgo mountain range is especially characterized by an open geology where limestone, dolomite and marlstone outcrops form the sharp ridges, twisted folds and vigorous molars that make up the stark horizon on which our attention rests.

People live in this landscape, and their influence on it is reflected in the constructions with which they have adapted to the environment, through a traditional system of usufruct of the environment such as the farmhouse, which has generated a dispersed habitat with fields, pastures, terraced fields and an endless number of dry stone walls that mark their mark on the territory.

In a region with such an energetic orography as this one, it is easy to find those natural viewpoints from which to contemplate and delight with the grandeur of the landscape. To facilitate this work, many of these panoramic points have been set up over the years.

They are mostly easily accessible watchtowers, located next to local races and tracks and sometimes equipped with discreet recreational furniture. Other viewpoints, on the other hand, are approached on foot, since they are located on the top of a rock or hill and only have an interpretative element that explains the characteristics of each place. We are sure that they will not leave anyone indifferent.