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The Silent Route

The regions of Maestrazgo and Andorra Sierra de Arcos share the route of the A-1702, a road which, in itself, is a tourist attraction. In just 60 kilometers, its winding route runs through some of the most beautiful and rugged landscapes of the Teruel province, gives access to incredible natural and heritage areas; it runs through villages with a long history and it is necessary to savor it calmly.

The route extends from the municipality of Gargallo, to the north, specifically from Venta de la Pintada, to the municipality of Cantavieja, to the south, before reaching the village, at the Puerto del Cuarto Pelado.

The Silent Route is a panoramic road where the important thing is to enjoy the environment and drive slowly to feel the grandeur of the landscapes, stop in every village, in every road widening and be moved by this natural spectacle. In short, practice “slowdriving“, and let yourself be caught by all the sensations offered by the road. The low traffic and the silence will allow you to enjoy the route, no matter which vehicle you use.

What to do in The Silent Route

To enjoy The Silent Route experience to the fullest, you have to go beyond the road. Discover the towns it passes through, their history and culture, the gastronomy and products of the area, enjoy the views offered by the viewpoints, stop at the rest areas…

The villages that The Silent Route connects hide a rich cultural heritage through which you can learn about their history. In addition, you can stop to renew your energy tasting the gastronomy and products of the area in the different establishments.

If you are a driving enthusiast, you will enjoy every stretch of the road, but you should also stop at the viewpoints you find to enjoy the beauty of the surrounding natural landscape. And not only in those that are on the road itself, but also in those that hide the villages and those that divert you a little from the route so you don’t miss any corner.

If you also want to enjoy nature, make a space in your agenda during the trip to visit the four essential ones offered by The Silent Route: the routes of the Caleja del Huergo (Huergo Creek), the Estrechos de Valloré (Valloré Straits),  the Nacimiento del río Pitarque (Source of the Pitarque River), and the viewpoint of the Órganos de Montoro (Organs of Montoro). The latter two have been declared natural monuments.

Emblematic spaces


Silencioso (Silent)

The viewpoint of the high Maestrazgo is one of the mandatory stops on The Silent Route. It is better known as the viewpoint of the goat because there is the logo of the route, an imposing male mountain goat that has been baptized with the name “Silencioso” (Silent).

It is located at kilometer point 17 and from here you will find a privileged view of the skyline of the upper Maestrazgo where you can see the crowns of Aliaga, the heights of Pitarque and Cañada de Benatanduz, the limestone millstones of Villarluengo and Cantavieja.


El Caimán (The Cayman)

Another mandatory stop on The Silent Route is a rest area located at kilometer 50 of the route, where there is a reproduction of an old bus that locals used to know as “El Caimán” (The Cayman).

In this area you can enjoy the high mountain environment and learn more about the history of the road and this bus that traveled, and still travels, this road daily between Cantavieja and Alcorisa.