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The Maestrazgo is a territory that acquires historical personality because it is located in the highlands between Aragon and Valencia, far from the big cities and on the margins of the main communication routes.

The society gained character during the Christian conquest, carried out by the Templar monks and, later, by the San Juanists, who favored in these frontier lands a fairly homogeneous structure of property and feudal rights that were not very onerous.

The economic development will come in the XVI – XVII centuries through the specialization in the production of wool and the elaboration of fabrics for export. Already in contemporary times the Maestrazgo acquired renown for the conflicts that took place in its scenery.

During the Carlist wars of the 19th century, the famous Ramón Cabrera made Cantavieja his headquarters and it was once again the capital of Carlism in the last war. In the 20th century, it was a favorite stage for the actions of the maquis. Today it constitutes a privileged historical architectural space due to its state of preservation.