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The roads of Maestrazgo are quiet, with very little traffic and numerous mountain passes that are a paradise for cycling tourism lovers: Cuarto Pelado, Villarroya de los Pinares and Sollavientos on the A-226, with heights ranging from 1,500-1,700 m, and Villarluengo, on the A-1702.

But undoubtedly the hardest and most imposing are the San Cristobal mountain passes, between Pitarque and Aliaga, with 8.8 km and a maximum gradient of 19%; the Fortanete pass, towards Valdelinares, with 6.5 km and gradients reaching 17%, or La Tarayuela in Cantavieja, towards Mosqueruela, with 5 km and an average gradient of 7%.

The A-1702, from Ejulve to Puerto de Cuarto Pelado, in Cantavieja, and the A-226, from this last point to the pass of Villarroya de los Pinares, are signposted for cyclists.