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The traveler who comes to the lands of Maestrazgo interested in the fauna will not be disappointed if he pays curious attention to the places he visits. Along with a very rich variety of insects, numerous vertebrate species populate all types of environments.

Birds of prey such as Bonelli’s eagles, kites, kestrels, owls and owls can be seen in the forests of the wild areas, exercising their effective predatory and scavenging action on small mammals and other birds, such as blackbirds and buntings. The griffon vultures on the cliffs of the Pitarque river compete in beauty with the elegant Hispanic goats that roam the peaks. and has become an emblem of the territory, attracting numerous hunters in search of trophies. This species, together with wild boar, roe deer, foxes, squirrels, weasels, badgers and martens, are an example of the wealth of mammals that inhabit these landscapes.

In the moorlands and wastelands covered by low scrubland, reptiles abound: lizards, skinks, ocellated lizards and snub-nosed vipers. Game species, such as partridges, quail, hares and rabbits, are found mainly in open fields and crop areas.

Finally, in humid enclaves inhabit aquatic species such as the common frog and toad, the water snake, accompanied on the surface by the dipper, the nightingale or the jay.