Strolling among poplar trees

One of the highlights of the Maestrazgo is its amazing natural environment. The towns and villages of the region are

Stories of death in Maestrazgo

Cada año, el final del mes de octubre viene acompañado de celebraciones de muerte con motivo del día de Halloween

Maestrazgo, landscape of music

The Maestrazgo region is once again highlighting its cultural and scenic heritage with the second edition of Maestrazgo, un paisaje

Orchid Day

Orchid time

Among the great variety of plants that we can observe in the Maestrazgo region, the orchids stand out, a botanical

More than love brochure

Love stories in Maestrazgo

Last month Valentine’s Day was celebrated and, this coming weekend, Teruel, the city of love, celebrates the feast of its

Picking mushrooms

The “Rebollón” fever

When autumn arrives, and if the conditions of rain, heat and humidity are ideal, the forests of Maestrazgo are filled

Camino de los Pilones

Maestrazgo, a landscape of music

Everyone knows the rich landscape and heritage that treasures the Maestrazgo. The Festival “Maestrazgo, a landscape of music” aims to

Guided tour in Cantavieja

Maestrazgo, first hand

The Church of San Miguel de Cantavieja, the jail of Fortanete, the Aliaga House of La Iglesuela del Cid, the

abandoned factory in villarluengo

The Villarluengo Factories

About 7 kilometers from Villarluengo in the direction of Ejulve, on the same road A-1702 “The Silent Route”, is the


In the Maestrazgo region there are still farmers who maintain the custom of transhumance of livestock between the high mountains