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Maestrazgo Geopark

The Maestrazgo region is part of the Maestrazgo Geopark, which exceeds its territorial boundaries, covering an extensive territory made up of 43 municipalities.

The Maestrazgo Geopark has an important geological, archaeological and cultural heritage. This territory is marked by the seal of quality in Geodiversity, a privileged corner to get lost and isolate yourself from traffic, noise and crowds… a place dotted with unique spaces that has patiently shaped the passage of time.

Some of the archaeological sites are part of the group of Cave Art of the Mediterranean Arc of the Iberian Peninsula, a World Heritage Site (UNESCO) and up to 11 of its municipalities have their urban areas declared as BIC, being also Cantavieja, Mirambel and Puertomingalvo members of the list of “most beautiful villages of Spain”.

In the Maestrazgo Geopark there are many villages and monumental sites; there are 67 Sites of Geological Interest and two geological environments of International Importance (Global Geosites); the realities of the mountains and the somontano coexist, and there is a rich variety of landscapes and landscapes, traditional celebrations, history and contrasts. The essence of sustainable tourism is written in its rocks, waters and flora.