Weekend 2

Natural Monuments: Pitarque – Montoro de Mezquita – Molinos

This weekend we propose an itinerary through the four Natural Monuments of the Region: Source of the Pitarque River, Organs of Montoro, Crystal Caves, and Fonseca Bridge.

Day 1

The first day we will start in Pitarque where you can visit the Church of Santa María la Mayor and the washhouse. In the town center begins the path to the source of the river Pitarque with a length of 10 km round trip, which leads us to discover the first Natural Monument of our trip and an essential path of the region.

From here we will go to Montoro de Mezquita,12.5 km from Pitarque. On the way we will be surprised by the Organs of Montoro, the second monument of the adventure. From the accessible viewpoint we can enjoy this marvel of nature. The road leading to Los Órganos is a scenic road known as the The Silent Route. If you have the chance, you must visit it all, as it hides many surprises.

In Montoro de Mezquita we will walk along the circular route of the Valloré viewpoint and straits, 2.5 km long. Before leaving, walking through the village we will visit the Church of the Assumption, the cemetery and the old ceramic furnace.

Day 2

The second day starts in Ladruñán where the trail to the Natural Bridge of Fonseca, third Natural Monument, begins, 13 km round trip. You can also start it from the neighborhood of La Algecira, with 11 km round trip. If you have time, you can visit these small villages and discover their hidden corners or go to the Arquero and Torico shelters, not far from La Algecira, to enjoy the Levantine Rock Art, a World Heritage Site.

We finished this trip in Molinos, where the last monument, the Crystal Caves, is located, with two visitable rooms where you can discover the many speleothems that houses: stalactites, stalagmites, lava flows, flags, etc.. To visit them, check schedules and rates on the website. We will make a last stop in the village to see some places of interest such as the Gothic Church of Nuestra Señora de las Nieves, the bell tower and the magnificent ravine of San Nicolás.