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The towns and villages of Maestrazgo are perched on a terrain of rugged terrain, forming a wide range of natural areas of great ecological and scenic value, which facilitated that much of its territory was included in LIC (Site of Community Interest) and ZEPA (Special Area for Birds).

In the northern part of the region the strong geological folding and subsequent erosive processes have given rise to deeply embedded ravines, sharp ridges and vertical escarpments, producing panoramic images of great scenic value such as the well-known Órganos de Montoro or the Estrechos del Guadalope. The calcareous soil gave rise to numerous chasms and caves, among which the “Grutas de Cristal” (Crystal Caves), in Molinos, stand out for their extraordinary beauty.

On the contrary, the south is dominated by large limestone limestones, and although the relief is smoother, the altitudes can exceed 1,800 meters.

Among all the magnificent corners of this landscape, there are several areas that have been declared Natural Monuments. We are referring to the Crystal Caves, the Organs of Montoro, the source of the Pitarque River and the Natural Bridge of Fonseca, all of them must-sees of the visit to the Maestrazgo.