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Iberians and Romans

With Iberianization, external influences increased, leading to a process of acculturation of the indigenous population. The potter’s wheel was introduced in the manufacture of ceramics, the techniques used in agriculture improved and trade allowed the arrival of objects from the Mediterranean world, as evidenced by the remains found in the Morrón del Cid, in La Iglesuela.

The marginal character of Maestrazgo within the great communication routes makes it reasonable to think that the area was dependent on the Colonia Lasserensis located in the Moleta dels Frares, in the municipality of El Forcall (Castellón). Settlements such as that of the Virgen del Cid, in La Iglesuela, whose tombstones preserved in the hermitage bear witness to the development of the Roman presence, depended on it. All this organization will decline with the crisis of the third century.

To visit the Iberian and Roman remains of the Ermita de la Virgen del Cid, we recommend taking the guided tour that the Tourist Office organizes every Sunday (by reservation).