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Baroque architecture

The baroque religious architecture of the XVII and XVIII centuries is the most numerous, reaching a high degree of artistic development, being the parochial temples, in general, of great and slender proportions. The churches of Fortanete, Mirambel, La Cuba, Cañada de Benatanduz and Allepuz correspond to this typology, although the archpriestly church of Cantavieja is the most monumental due to its cathedral-like proportions. The bell towers, inevitably attached to the churches, are authentic landmarks in the urban scene of these villages. There is also a wide range of hermitages, mostly baroque, a sample of the old popular religiosity of the people of these Baylias. Although there are different types of hermitages, the ones dedicated to the Virgin of Loreto in Cantavieja, Fortanete and Villarroya de los Pinares stand out for their formal homogeneity.


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