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The age of the Dinosaurs

In the Maestrazgo region there are two Paleontological Zones declared Sites of Cultural Interest in the category of Sites of Cultural Interest by Decree 20/2003, of January 28, 2003, of the Government of Aragon.

  • Abenfigo dinosaur ichnites depositin Castellote, located in limestone strata of the Upper Cretaceous. It has a total content of 41 tridactyl footprints that are arranged without apparent features and are associated with the ichnogroup of theropod ichnites.
  • Deposit of dinosaur ichnites Miravete 1 and 2in Miravete de la Sierra. This deposit, formed by several levels of footprints separated by not much distance, is found in strata of micritic limestones of decimetric thickness intercalated with marls and deposited in a continental or transitional environment. Recent studies of this site have brought to light that the number of ichnites counted in Miravete 1 amounts to 67, believing that it was a herd of Sauropods. In Miravete 2, 5 Sauropod tracks and one of a Carnosaurian Theropod have been found.

To learn more we recommend a visit to the Bosque Pétreo de Castellote, which is part of the Dinópolis Paleontological Ensemble.