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European Charter for Sustainable Tourism

In 2018 the Maestrazgo obtained the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism (CETS), a distinction that can only be obtained by territories that have a Protected Natural Area. Since then, the Government of Aragon, the Maestrazgo Tourist Association, the Maestrazgo Region, the Association for the Development of Maestrazgo and the Maestrazgo Cultural Park have been working hand in hand in this common framework.

El Maestrazgo applied for CETS because it seeks to raise awareness of El Maestrazgo as a sustainable tourist destination, increase the flow of visitors to the area and thus favor the local economy, but not at any price. We are committed to a conscious and responsible tourist rather than a mass tourism that does not appreciate and respect the environment. The focus is on quality rather than quantity. It is committed to the discovery and visibility of the rich natural and cultural heritage of Maestrazgo, but trying to minimize the impact and human footprint as much as possible. The aim is to raise awareness from within in order to transmit respect for the environment to visitors.

You can learn about the objectives and action plan 2018 – 2022 of CETS in Maestrazgo here.