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“The Wedding”. Sal de Casa

19 August | 8:00 pm


Callejeatro: “The Wedding”.

Their time has come. 2 eccentric characters decide to get married, wherever they are; they are looking for their guests, their groomsmen and their witnesses.

A clownish and surreal look at the protocols and appearances of a wedding where no one is who they seem to be under a dress or a tuxedo.

LA BODA is a crazy theatrical and clownish street play, very funny where the photographed guests will become accomplices in a parody. A very original gestural show where we can all see ourselves reflected.


Comarca del Maestrazgo • C/ Las Tres Baylias • 44140 Cantavieja (Teruel)
Phone: 964 185 242 turismo@comarcamaestrazgo.org