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SICTED Quality

The Maestrazgo region works with the Integral System of Spanish Tourist Quality in Destinations (SICTED), a national quality system promoted by Tourism of Spain (TURESPAÑA) and the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (FEMP). In 2020 we are working with 197 destinations throughout Spain with more than 8,008 member companies.
SICTED is applied in all sectors involved in one way or another in a tourist destination and its objective is to achieve a homogeneous level of quality.
The Comarca del Maestrazgo has been working on this system since 2007 and there are currently 29 member companies.
If you see this logo, which simulates a smile, at the entrance of a tourist establishment, it means that its owner has made a commitment to quality, and is striving to improve year after year in order to offer a better service to visitors.

Establishments working with SICTED
to improve their quality are as follows:

The establishments working with SICTED to improve their quality are the following: