Love stories in Maestrazgo

Love stories in Maestrazgo

More than love brochure

Last month Valentine’s Day was celebrated and, this coming weekend, Teruel, the city of love, celebrates the feast of its most famous lovers: Isabel de Segura and Diego de Marcilla.

With this excuse, we tell you that the region of Maestrazgo compiled, three years ago, the love stories that, in fiction, had occurred in its territory, so that it showed love through literature.

The Maestrazgo has been the scene of stories and literary fictions of various kinds and, among them, we have selected some fragments, short texts evocative of other times and different scenarios, but all with a common denominator: a love story.

Tales, legends, novels and stories that take place in Maestrazgo and where love is the protagonist. Stories of forbidden love, happy endings, unrequited love, homosexual love, nostalgic love, sad and happy stories.

On a map of Maestrazgo, these texts can be traced through several QR codes that open the different stories that happen in municipalities of the region.

These are extracted from some of the winning novels of the Maestrazgo short novel awards, stories, legends and novels by various authors, such as Días de Cierzo and El viaje del anarquista by Elifio Feliz de Vargas, Masía Muela by Miguel Ángel Carcelén, Caballos de labor by Antonio Castellote, El bálsamo del agua oscura by Wenceslao Varona, El testamento de amor de Patricio Julve by Antón Castro, Tampoco esta vez dirían nada by José Giménez Corbatón or La venta de Mirambel by Pío Baroja, among others.

Map of love in Maestrazgo