Strolling among poplar trees

Strolling among poplar trees

One of the highlights of the Maestrazgo is its amazing natural environment. The towns and villages of the region are perched on a terrain of rugged terrain, forming a wide range of natural areas of great ecological and scenic value.

It also highlights its rich and varied vegetation where the relief and altitude of the environment provide their own nuances. This time we are going to get to know a small part of it, the headwater poplar, but if you want to discover it in its entirety, do nothesitate to visit the region!

These trees have traditionally been used to produce timber and fodder, since, like many others, when the trunk is split or cut, they manage to emit new shoots in that area. This characteristic, together with a periodic pruning, the so-called “escamonda”, has given rise to the characteristic shape of the headwater poplars.

The quality and versatility of poplar wood encouraged its planting, leaving, over the years, a unique cultural landscape in Europe that has been recognized as an Intangible Cultural Heritage. The headlands are living sculptures and the habitat of a rich biological community.

The poplar trees leave us different prints with each of the seasons. Spring begins showing us the first leaves that during the summer will close the way to the sun creating a shady and cool environment under them. Autumn brings a change of color in the landscape towards yellowish tones, while winter shows us the unique sculptures created by humans and nature.

If you want to know firsthand everything that has led it to obtain the BIC recognition, you can visit the Chopo Cabecero Cultural Parkof which it forms part Allepuz, where you can also stroll among the thousands of old poplar trees that accompany the Alfambra River forming a winding river meadow.

Outdoor activities

This is a good time to walk among the poplars because they will offer you a cool place to take refuge from the hot summer temperatures. To do so, we recommend you to enjoy the PR – TE 64 fluvial path along the Guadalope river (Villarroya de los Pinares – Miravete de la Sierra) or the PR – TE 64 fluvial path along the Guadalope river (Villarroya de los Pinares – Nacimiento del Guadalope).

For these months, we also recommend some outdoor activities to enjoy nature as, for example, Rafting in Castellote, In the Villarluengo ravine o El Huergo, the best kept secret.. Enjoy these and other experiences in Maestrazgo.

Although if you prefer other plans, during the summer, the Maestrazgo is full of cultural events and festivals, so we recommend that you keep an eye on the calendar to not miss anything.