Winning photos of the 2020 photo contest

Winning photos of the 2020 photo contest

Santa Margarita by Eduardo Manero Serrano

There are already winning photos of the photography contest of the region of Maestrazgo 2020. This year saw the debut of a new category for cell phone photography.

This week the prizes have been awarded for the Photography Contest of this year 2020 of which the Comarca del Maestrazgo celebrates its fifteenth edition.

The photographs were submitted in digital format and not printed, and this year, as a novelty, the photographs could be taken with a camera or mobile device, competing in different categories.

A total of 112 participants with 270 photographs have been submitted, which this year has once again broken records of participation, and has increased compared to the previous edition by 23 participants and 26 photos, and the level of the works submitted has made it especially difficult for the jury to choose the winning photographs.

The winners were:

The first prize, for the photograph “Santa Margarita” by Eduardo Manero Serrano, with a photo of the interior of the church of Santa Margarita de Mirambel. The author found the door open and loved its lights and shadows. The people who were then in it, two ladies on the right and two gentlemen on the left, helped to complete the symmetry of the photo. This prize is endowed with 350 €.

The second prize went to the photograph “Between two lights” by Ricardo Rodriguez Pina, with a night photograph of the Cantavieja square. The author will receive 150 €.

Regarding the best photograph taken with a cell phone, a new category this year, the winner was “Caminata nocturna”, taken by Emilio Cortés Martínez, which shows several people walking at night through the snow from Tronchón to the Tremedal hermitage.

At the end of 2020 will be ready the annual calendar of Comarca del Maestrazgo illustrated with snapshots chosen in this last edition of the Photography Contest. The calendar, eagerly awaited by neighbors and children of the town, aims to show every year different aspects of the territory and that the inhabitants know and identify more and more with it, as well as encourage and motivate photographers to apply for the next call. The calendar is distributed free of charge to all households in the Comarca del Maestrazgo, for which 2000 copies are published.