Maestrazgo, a landscape of music

Maestrazgo, a landscape of music

Camino de los Pilones

Everyone knows the rich landscape and heritage that treasures the Maestrazgo. The Festival “Maestrazgo, a landscape of music” aims to present different spaces through live music, so that attendees will have the opportunity to live a unique and unrepeatable experience in an incomparable setting.

For this first edition, two emblematic environments of the Maestrazgo have been chosen, the Camino de los Pilones, between Villarroya and Allepuz and the Llovedor corner, in Castellote.

The idea is that the public attending the concerts will do so on foot from nearby towns, traveling along the paths provided for this purpose, trying to minimize the use of vehicles and thus reduce the carbon footprint.

One hour before the concert, a landscape interpretation activity will take place in the place where the concert will be held, so that people can appreciate the space much more, learning about its geological and geographical characteristics, as well as the historical and cultural events that have taken place or are taking place there.

On September 11 at 5 p.m. you will enjoy learning about the environment of the Camino de los Pilones from Serafina Buj, from T-Guío, a company of tourist services and heritage interpretation, who will explain the characteristics of the moorlands between Villarroya and Allepuz, the importance of the road in history, etc., and as a culmination, at 6 p.m., you will enjoy the concert “The Four Seasons” by Vivaldi, performed by a string quartet and harpsichord soloists of the Orquesta Lírica de Castellón.

On September 25 at 5 p.m., the Llovedor de Castellote corner will be explained, where Luis Mampel, Palentólogo of the Dinópolis Foundation and Scientific Director of the Geopark of Maestrazgo, will talk about this point of geological interest that attracts so much attention, while Rita Pereira, tourist guide of the Municipality of Castellote, will explain the historical and cultural details of the same. This will be followed by an “Afternoon of Spanish Guitar” where Auxías Parejo, solo guitarist, accompanied by a trio of oboe, violin and cello, will perform a selection of the most representative and universal works for solo and accompanied guitar.

Attendees are asked to avoid driving, to come to the activity on foot or by bicycle, to leave no trace in the environment and to be respectful of the space and the activity.

You can’t miss this event!

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