The “Rebollón” fever

The “Rebollón” fever

Picking mushrooms

When autumn arrives, and if the conditions of rain, heat and humidity are ideal, the forests of Maestrazgo are filled with “rebollones”, as we call in the area to the most popular mushroom, Lactarius deliciosus, níscalo or robellón.

The highest areas of the region are characterized by the dominance of Scots pine with undergrowth of boxwood and creeping juniper, and in them thrive in autumn the prized and coveted mushrooms. In Maestrazgo, mushroom picking and, of course, mushroom tasting is a widespread practice. Hundreds of enthusiasts set out every weekend to scour the forests in search of these delicacies. In addition to the chanterelles, several varieties are harvested in spring and autumn: poplar mushrooms, white slugs, black slugs, blackheads, macrolepiotes and a long etcetera.

In recent years, in order to sustainably enhance the value of this important resource, its collection has been regulated, organized through a system of compulsory permits and offering a series of services to the collector. Passes can be obtained online, at the headquarters of the Maestrazgo region in Cantavieja and in the collaborating establishments.

So, choosing Maestrazgo to spend a weekend enjoying the forest and the search and collection of mushrooms is a great option. Take your pass, a wicker basket that allows aeration of the mushrooms and dissemination of the spores and a knife or razor. In addition, complete your equipment with appropriate clothing, a snack to replenish energy, a cell phone that can help you in an emergency and, above all, a great desire to have fun.

And to top it all off, several restaurants in the area offer special culinary creations where the flavors of mushrooms, meats and nuts are the undisputed protagonists, products that can also be purchased in local stores. Don’t leave without trying them! It will certainly be an unforgettable experience!

Information of the Mycological preserve of Maestrazgo